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Lost Boy Excerpt, Synopsis Coming Soon
Standalone/Contemporary Romance

"Sure… you just want to try to see up my dress.” 
“I’d prefer to see it on the floor next to my bed, but I’ll settle on the swing set.” He glanced over at me. “For now.” 
“Ugh!” Letting go of his hand, I teasingly pushed him. “Tag, you’re it!” And I hauled ass away from him. Thankful that I was at least wearing Chucks for easy running. He wore combat boots. 
He chuckled, “You better run, Skyler Bell. Cuz once I catch you, you’re mine!”
I ran as fast as I could, but it didn’t take long until I started getting tired. The sand only added to my exhaustion, ducking, dodging, moving out of his reach as quickly as I could. Noah’s reflexes were insane, and it took a lot of effort to avoid his advances. However, once we were on opposite sides of the horizontal bars, I placed my hands up in the air in a surrendering gesture. 
“Truce, yeah?” 
“Fuck no.” Like a lion attacking its prey, he threw himself under the bars and tackled me to the sand. “Mine!” he roared, landing right on top of me, but catching himself before he crushed my body beneath him. 
I fell into a fit of giggles, laughing so hard it hurt my sides. It wasn’t until I caught Noah’s predatory glare that I stopped laughing. We were both panting profusely, suddenly looking deep into each other’s eyes in a much different way than we ever had before. 
It was new. 
It was exciting. 
It was all him. 
He caged my face in with his arms, devouring me with his eyes, consuming every last part of me. His fingers started brushing the hair away from my face until there was nothing left between us. 
But wants and needs. 
I wanted him to kiss me. 
I needed him to kiss me. 
“Imma kiss you, Skyler,” he stated as if he could hear my thoughts. 
I think I nodded or moaned, or maybe I didn’t do anything but lay there like an idiot. Waiting, anticipating, licking my lips for my first kiss. Whatever I did made Noah groan, and when he leaned forward, I closed my eyes. My heart beating rapidly. 
Feeling him almost there…
So close… 
Just one more breath. 
Just one more second.
Until I felt his lips on mine.